Our Story

TRS was founded by Cayetano Gamboa. A 20-yr experienced mathematics teacher from PSJA. He first got license in 1992 and has been studying the insurance and retirement ever since. Not only was he teaching his high school students about the Rule of 72 and the importance of investing early, he was also helping teachers make wise decisions on their money.

His vision was not only to educate the youth but also to educate the community about their money. For years retirement planning has been limited to choices that fall on one side of the scale or the other: Safety or Risky. For these reasons either the returns were not out pacing inflation or losing money in the market.


At Total Retirement solutions, our goal is to make sure your investment is rewarded. At TRS our vision is to educate our community on how their hard earn money really works. Educate them on Compound Interest, the impact of Taxes, and how to stay in control of their retirement.

The Insurance and other investment vehicles have chance in the last 20 years.

These changes have giving the consumer of opportunity to potentially generate larger amount of returns with the Safety they deserve at the same time stay in Control of their money.


Our services are not limited to retirement account buy also other provide a wide variety of products and services to help meet everybody’s specific needs: MEDICARE, OBAMACARE, LIFE, FUNERAL EXPENSES, SUPPLEMENTAL INSURANCE, AND DENTAL.

By committing to our clients goals and by keeping our promises has been the key for our success. In addition, training our agents to be experts in their field and having great customer service and attention to detail has been very rewarding.

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